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Book Tour: The Phoenix Year

Book Title: The Phoenix Year
Book Genre: Thriller
Author: David L Blond
Publisher: Wattle Publishing

“… from out of the fire, would rise a new order, like the legend of the phoenix. There would emerge a new world, a new super economy…”

So starts a sequence of events destined to rock world economies to their very core. On the 50th anniversary of their induction into the Society of the Phoenix, a group of billionaires is about to change the world dramatically, with devastating effect. Overseen by the reclusive Heinrich Von Kleise, the Society has hatched an audacious plan to subvert world economies, by using and abusing some of the world’s wealthiest businessmen and their families; in some cases, holding them literally to ransom, or worse. Michael Ross, an economic adviser to the US President, Ben Masters, a disgraced property tycoon, Natalya Avramowitz, a Russian economist and spy, and “Kim” a CIA Agent, find themselves at the center of this plot, involving inside trading, sex slavery, and political corruption. As the world careens towards financial Armageddon, can Michael, Natalya and Kim prevent global disintegration, or are the world’s financial institutions fated to implode? The Phoenix Year by David L. Blond is a gripping novel, encompassing many of the financial crises that have hit the headlines in the past decade. The author has skillfully woven these together to create an action-packed conspiracy thriller that smacks of reality and future possibility.

Dr. David Blond works as a private economic consultant specializing in quantitative analysis of economic data. He began his career working for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. During the period of 1978 – 1985, he was a Senior Economist in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and after leaving that position worked for various major global economic forecasting and consulting firms. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Twitter: @davidblond2000

The Phoenix Year is a love story set in a time of economic turmoil. 
Michael Ross, senior economic advisor to the US President, meets a Russian government official; Harvard educated Natalya Avramowitz at a secret meeting in France. When the meeting ends, Michael offers Natalya a ride back to Geneva, but Natalya, recognizing Ross’s infatuation suggests that they need to find out if the attraction between them is real. Natalya, however, has a secret that she fears will destroy their affair.       
When she was 12 years old her father, a shadowy longtime Russian economic advisor sent her to a special school where she was taught spy craft, American English, and fed propaganda. It was the price he had to pay to the State to get Natalya and his brother’s family out of a Russia then on the verge of complete economic collapse during the transition years.     
Now lured back to Russia four years from a Wall Street job to advise the Ministry of Finance, she fears Russia is changing fast and the exit door may be closing. She sees Michael as a way out of Russia. But when men try to steal Michal’s briefcase at the hotel, Natalya kills them both, revealing her training. Desperate to keep him, she convinces a reluctant Ross to take a week to see if they are a matched pair.  During this time they visit an old friend of Michael’s from his UN days, Heinrich von Kleise, a Swiss billionaire.   
Their story, the developing love affair is set within the backdrop of a Russia beginning to fragment as a rising tide of nationalism, protectionism, and mass immigration overwhelm the fragile global economy still reeling from the financial collapse of 2008. With markets poised for a fall as a series of negative events flash “sell everything” to investors, Natalya knows that to solve the riddle of the Phoenix and save Michael, and then she must climb the Bluemlisalpenhorn and confront Heinrich von Kleise’s in his mountain-top fortress.

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No, really. I mean it. Buy this book! I have had the pleasure of reading a few chapters as part of the book tour, and I'm looking forward to writing a full review about it just as soon as I've finished reading it. The writing is excellent and the plot intriguing. I can feel that some aspects of it may be difficult to get through; after all, parts of the story do have to do with sex slavery. And how often outside of elections do people consciously think of the economy? Even so, I'm expecting a fantastic story. Click on some of the links below and help support this author!

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